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Taru Haimi
Artist | Professional | Varied
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"Hope is only the first step on the path of disappointment."

Interests: writing (I am writer and working on one fantasy book by now) and reading, drawing, cosplay/fursuitting, Taido -martial art, swimming (boffering, archery in medieval style). Animals (specially cats, wolves and ravens), fantasybooks, anime, manga, mythology, KingdomHearts, pirates, medieval/fantasy weapons (I have medieval horsebow, two katanas, a huntingknife, long fantasy sword.) All medieval and fantasy stuffs. Silent Hill *drools*, Assassin's Creed and Okami

Favorite books: Wheel of the time, The Belgariad, Warriors...(Yeah, this is very long list. I read fantasy books)

I have a cat and his name is Soturi (Warrior. When I gave that name to him, I didn't know warriorcats-books.) Also This Spring I got another cat, Aamunkajo 'Kajo' (Morning Glow 'Glow')

Now my goal is release book in this year, but looks like it will be my goal for next year too -.-'.


Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite style of art: digital
Operating System: Windows

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The idea is to tell 100 facts about yourself and/or charrie/s you chose.

I am going to start with Xaelion. I am also making this meme with Xayldar and Kirix, but those aren't finished yet. And If someone is interested I maybe can do this about myself too. And if I really got interested maybe I try with other my charries too.

And of course I get new spots there almost everyday when I remember what I forgot or just get to think new ideas.



1. Leonai 'Hravan' Pedonsilmä
2. My title is Timeless Ambition
3. Also called Doomcrow, Cursing Machine, Wild Cat, Wanna-be pirate, Metalangel, Wallkicker, Drunkard, Kittyboy...
4. I am Number Nineteen in our Organization
5. I am Nobody
6. I am not human. I am half halta
7. My other half is a demon cat
8. I was born 21.3
9. I am Aries and I would be Dragon in Chinese horoscope.
10. I lived in the medieval -like world, Cerhalla
11. The village I lived was called Aipio
12. I was mercenary
13. I want to be a pirate. Pirate Captain
14. My language skills are not the best
15. I am very talented fighter that can use many different weapons. Manriki is my favorite still
16. I am also talented martial artist
17. I don't fear pain or death
18. Some may see me suicidal and masochist
19. My spirit animal was a cat, until a demon cat spirit killed it and replaced it
20. I lived with mother and step-father and half little brother
21. I never met my real father, Demon King, the demon cat
22. My step-father hated me and beat me often.
23. My Mother hated me sometimes. Most of the time. She went insane because of me
24. I am bastard
25. I have only one person in my whole life that I maybe can call friend
26. I have been with many many girls, but never really loved anyone. Most are one-night's girlfriends
28. I think rum is the best drink and I drink it A LOT. Too much if ask from others
29. Because of drinking rum my voice is a little hoarse
30. My way to speak is quite Finnish-like. My R is very strong and growling
31. I curse A LOT
32. I like heavy music
33. I can sing
34. My body is muscular. In good shape and my skin is naturally little tanned
35. I am short and hate it (5'3 /about 160cm)
36. I am very agile
37. I have very good stamina
38. I can cook because I had to keep myself and my brother alive after I had killed our parents
39. I still like to eat my meat raw sometimes. I hate vegetables <.<
40. I have very long dark blue hair and beast-yellow eyes
41. I have tattoo-like striped on both of my cheeks
42. I have beast-like fangs and teeth and little pointy ears
43. I am missing my right-hand's ring finger because of betrayed the Organization
44. I am left handed
45. I feel that in this world no one needs me and I don't need anyone
46. I maybe would like to be needed, but don't dare to admit it
47. I am quite scarred
48. My biggest scar goes to left collar bone down over stomach and same at the back. This wound killed my Somebody
49. I love challenges
50. I wanna fight and seraching the Hell of Battle
51. I don't obey others if we don't happen to want the same thing
52. Cats are my favorite animals
53. I think that dogs are idiots because all they do is that they obey their master
54. I am poor riding on a horse. Hate them because they are so big
55. I hate tall people
56. I probably have many bastards
57. I only know five of them... and they are (demon) cats -.-'
58. I am fair fighter. Don't do sneak attacks or dirty tricks
59. I can manipulate time
60. I am a character of one book that my brother wrote
61. My Somebody died after my brother when my so-called allies betrayed me
62. That's why I don't trust anyone
63. I have two piercing in my left ear and one snakebite left side in my lip
64. I like to wear a spike-collar
65. I like to wear modern world punk and gothic styled clothes
66. Best shoes are military boots
67. My favorite color is red
68. I also like to wear pirate clothes
69. my heartless is named Varjo
70. I never give up
71. I am obsessed with chains
72. I have wore a kilt and leather skirt
73. Cat version of me is called Rumfight
74. In Pridelands I am cheetah with blue neck mane
75. In Atlantica my fish part is moray eel
76. I hate Jinx... and that gay couple(actually another one of them is bi)... and Xanri and Xayrana and... let's say I actually hate everyone
77. I hate mornings. I am night person
78. I collect pirate stuff and heavy metal cds and good video games (I like fighting games)
79. First thing I bought when I came to the Castle was the alarm clock. Not because I want to wake up early, but just because I am fascinated. Only rich people had them in my world
80. My fear is to be trapped somehow. Reminds me about how my step father tied me up sometimes and beat me
81. In morning time I am lazy
82. My will is to live fast and die young
83. I can play drums and quitar
84. Xayldar made me one lesser, Time stopper. It is creepy looking cat-like thing
85. I am Finnish and very proud
86. I mean it I am very proud
87. I hate books because they took away something precious to me
88. I am bitter mostly for my brother because he broke his promise
89. I always keep my promises
90. My favorite food is blood pancakes (traditional Finnish)
91. I like salmiakki
92. People think I want to be something more to that only person I maybe call a friend
93. I hate all leaders, kings and lords because most of them are idiot cowards and tries to make us obey
94. My room in the Castle looks partly like pirate ship cabin and partly modern
95. I have short temper
96. Xael is my favorite nickname
97. I act first and think later
98. I am more practical than theoretical. I just exlode if I have to sit learning things listening some teacher
99. I hate to cry if others see it. I don't cry <.<
100. I HATE you all

I so wished there was more spots <.<

101. I hate taking showers
102. Catnip effect to me
103. Yea yea I have cat-like habits. I can actually purr and hiss. Blame my demon cat part
104. I don't lie. except when I am trying to hide I am wounded.
105. My eyes reflects the light same way than cat eyes. So they actually glow when light touched them.
106. I am not almost ever sick (mean no fever or something like that)
107. People say that I have ADHD
108. What I want is to be free (that's why I never want to be married either)
109. My blood type was B, but after demon cat tainted my blood, it isn't any of those known blood types. That's why no one really can't give blood
110. In rps out of KH, my name is Leonai Pedonsilmä.
111. I those rps I have been human, chimaira, shapeshifter, but quite always half demon too. (Some I have reminded to be half-halta/demon)
112. They say that my singing voice is close to Lordi.
113. I can't feel love (so why those some girls are crying after that) since I am Nobody and demon cat and neither of them can. I maybe could like someone, but love, nope.
114. People think I am drunk almost all the time what is not actually true.



1. Darlya Fenris Hallasilmä
2. My title is The Wind Wolf
3. I am also known as Dreamer, Storyteller and Beloved.
4. I am Number Thirteen in our Organization
5. I am Nobody
6. I am not a human. I am halta
7. I was born 13.3
8. I am Pisces and would be Horse in Chinese horoscope
9. I lived in the medieval-like world, Cerhalla
10. The village I lived was called Aipio
11. I was and I am a storyteller and storysinger
12. I used to write stories, books and songs
13. I am obsessed about all kind of stories
14. I have long white hair and amazing blue eyes
15. I am very short (5'2/ 157.5 cm)
16. I am very skinny and my skin is pale
17. I can control and create wind
18. Wind is always telling me stories from everywhere it can go. It is also telling me things that happened, happens and maybe even things that will happen
19. I have high intuition level
20. I can't remember anything
21. I maybe suffering D.I.D (Dissociative identity disorder)
22. I am also suffering a tumor in my brain, but no one knows it
23. These aren't only reasons why I can't remember things and I live in my dreamworld. It was my own choice to stay away
24. I have multiple personality. Not only one, but thousands and thousands of them
25. Still most seen of those are something that people expect to be me, dreamer, my otherself (that is like Xael, but very sadistic), and childish one
26. I live in stories
27. I had enough what I saw in so-called reality
28. I used to live with mother, father and half brother, until my brother killed our parents
29. I have to watch everyday how my brother get beaten. How my family fought
30. I used to be very close with my brother but my dreamworld finally took me away
31. I can sing (my voice is boyish and I can go higher levels)and play keyboard/piano
32. My spirit animal is a white wolf
33. I have beast-like fangs and teeth and pointy ears
34. Sometimes I am good fighter, sometimes not. It depends about my current personality
35. I usually don't cry or laugh
36. Reason I don't cry is that like my brother, I hate if people see me cry... and why cry if everything is just a story?
37. Everything what I do depends on my current personality. I really can do anything
38. I have very good memory for stories. I can remember them from word to word
39. I can't sit on the chairs. I just fall off
40. I usually sit on the floor legs crossed
41. Nowadays I can't write stories anymore
42. I love cherry trees. I had one pink flowered in my past
43. My Somebody died under that tree after being attacked by heartless
44. I am stuck in that memory. I go back to my death again and again. I see those pink petals that turns into blood red from my blood
45. I am changing between agile and totally clumsy. Again depends on my current personality
46. I am not very strong
47. I usually forget to eat
48. When I am 'awake' I most of the time suffering about headache (Blame the tumor) and want to go back to my dreamworld
49. It is hard to get friends just because I forget them soon
50. I guess I still have some
51. Even normal day rituals are sometimes too hard for me to do
52. I am left-handed
53. When I am in personality that can fight, I usually know martial arts because my brother taught me. I am still not as good as he is
54. I like all animals
55. I have very sensitive hearing and loud sounds hurt me
56. What I fear depends on my current personality
57. I don't care much what I wear
58. I have some scars in my arms and chest
59. My favorite color is cyan, but I quite like all shades of blue
60. I can draw
61. I am still virgin... I think
62. I never had a girlfriend
63. My room in the Castle is very plain as if no one really lives there
64. I have there a wind chime, some dreamcatchers, few books and sketch books. Those are actually only things that tells someone lives there
65. Cat version of me is called Dreamteller
66. In Pridelands I am a white wolf
67. In Atlantica my fish part is blue flying fish
68. I am Finnish (Though in our world it is called Halcin)
69. I really don't care if I die young or old (I will die young in the story)
70. I used to have five lessers, Wind Fangs. They are creepy-looking wind wolves.
71. I know sign language and most of the time that gets my attention better than anything
72. I am sorry I broke the promise I made for my brother. I still know he never can forgive me
73. I don't care what I eat, but I like fruits and sweet things
74. What I hate depends on my current personality
75. Sometimes I try my best to be 'me' and be awake
76. I have poor sense of humor
77. My weapon choice is a spear
78. Wind is always somehow at my side.
79. When I turn into my 'Otherself' winds around me starts growling like a wolf
80. My heartless is called Viima
81. I was quite gardener too. I used to have a garden close to our house
82. Whole my life I have been connected with the wind. I always liked it
83. People call me weird
84. I didn't have friends in my Somebody life. I only had my brother
85. I was teased by other children
86. They respected me only because my talent of different kind of art and storytelling
87. I forecasted my Somebody's death and also my brother's Somebody'd death.
88. I even wrote a book about him
89. I miss the time I was able to write
90. I know that someday it will come back to me for the last time
91. Technology scared me
92. I really like dragons but they are still scary
93. I have one song that my brother really hates to hear because it is sinister... Tells about our deaths
94. I am quite already buried myself
95. I used to hate what I am and didn't respect myself at all
96. Nowadays it doesn't matter since myself is quite lost
97. I like colors
98. Sometimes I still can't remember that I am not blind
99. Sometimes I don't even remember which gender I am but guess I am male (Wait a sec... I have check)
100.If I could remember... If I could do that I would turn back the time to when I was close to my brother. But I know that time is gone and that never happens again. We can't be those brothers anymore.

Raven has to help him with this... a lot <.<

101. I used want to be the great storyteller
102. My voice is quite quiet except when I am singing or telling stories
103. My blood type is O (but I am quite hidden A person)
104. In rps out of KH, my name is Darlya Hallasilmä.
105. Those I have been human, chimaira, shapeshifter,(some I have still been halta)...
106. Raven said my singing voice is something between Sonata Artica and Stratovarius.



1. Eosphorus 'Eos' Luciferus Minnónar --> Riki Orm.
2. My title is The Light Arisen.
3. I am Number Five in our Organization.
4. But I am also one of the three leaders.
5. I am Nobody.
6. I am not a human. I am Iceris.
7. I was born 20.9
8. I am Virgo and would be Rabbit in Chinese horoscope.
9. I have very long and silky pine tree green hair and purple eyes with long perfect eyelashes.
10. My skin is pale and my lips are naturally light purple. My ears are pointy, elven-like
11. I look like a female. I also act like one being still a male.
12. I am 5'7/about 170cm tall with little underweight body.
13. I am very beautiful.
14. I was born with star mark on my forehead. Pentagram mark. Mother said it was my protector. Morning star.
15. My somebody lived in medieval kind of world, Cerhalla.
16. I was born in Illumirë what is same as Japan. In the village of Elvëa.
17. I lived there with my noble family. My father, mother and three older sisters: Amariel, Héra and Minathra.
18. My father always wished a son who would inherit him. He tried to hide it but he was disappointed when got me.
19. My mother and sisters loved me. Especially my sisters. And I loved them.
20. All people still didn't like my mark. They thought it was begin of their misery that had stroke to our village. They thought my mark was symbol of evil.
21. Because of my mark my family who tried to protect me got killed before my eyes.
22. Because of that night when I was cover with blood of my family because of shadows of villagers that moved in the night, I got my fear to see blood and darkness. Especially sunset is awful.
23. My life was saved by Lord Orm who took me to live with him to city of Elwen.
24. I got a new name and became Lord's bookkeeper and advisor. I also became his lover. He had no family anymore.
25. I don't know if I truly loved him or not.
26. I was raped first time when I was 13 years old by other lord. That's why I am afraid to male's touch.
27. I had a friend, Eleanor, who wanted to be something more for me, but didn't understand me.
28. She got killed by heartless because I was coward.
29. I died after my Lord committing suicide and giving myself to heartless.
30. I am still depressed and I have tried to kill myself many times.
31. From those times I have scars in my wrists.
32. I love clean things.
33. Still I love myself. How I look. And I know others admire my beautiness.
34. I am also very smart.
35. I am not a fighter.
36. I have very poor stamina and health.
37. Still my weapon in Organization is sharp-edged mirror. Only I know which edge is safe to take a hold.
38. I can use a bow. I am actually good at it.
39. I can also ride a horse.
40. My passion is knowledge. I collect all kind of knowledge I can.
41. I love books. I read a lot.
42. I shame to confess that I also like to read yaoi-manga.
43. I have faint scent of whitelilies around me. Believe me it is natural.
44. I like to keep my nails perfect long for a woman.
45. I used to own a white cat plushie, Lilith. It was made by my sister. I miss it so much.
46. I believe in love with a first sight.
47. I have loved Angel-san from first time I saw him.
48. One of my bad habits still is to toy with people.
49. I can be sarcastic.
50. In my past life I learned to play the game of thrones for my Lord. Get him information that is needed and manipulate others.
51. I don't want to attach to others. That's why I usually don't use their first names or give them nicknames.
52. Nowadays I have done exceptions and sadly I have started to like some people in our Organization too much. I fear to lose them.
53. I am formal and polite.
54. Still calling them 'dear' and 'beloved' use to be a joke.
55. I love to solve problems. (I loves those puzzles and I am very good with them.)
56. I am very exact about precedence and cleanliness!
57. Sometimes I change my mood so quickly that others are wondering if I actually suffering feminine problems.
58. I am hard worker (sometimes even cost of my health)
59. I am gay.
60. I am very aware of female's feelings and usually I get along well with them.
61. I think most of men are idiots.
62. I hate rapists and pedophiles.
63. I can play cello. (Actually also some other instruments too.)
64. I can sing and when I sing my voice turns even more feminine than it already is.
65. I like romantic songs, classic and Japanese music, but also found love to Nightwish, Evanescence, Apocalyptica and Within Temptation...
66. My room in the castle is Japanese styled, but I still have western bed.
67. Whitelily is my ensign.
68. My spirit animal is a swan.
69. I like birds and cats.
70. I am very agile.
71. I can control light and with it and with my mirror I can create 'Fake ones' and 'Solid ones'. Let's say they are reflections about real things. Made to distract.
72. I have to confess I fear heartless because they are living shadows.
73. I want Angel-san to love me back.
74. He is allowed to touch me and I would allow him do more. (I wish more... Maybe someday.)
75. I love sushi and tea.
76. I don't eat meat.
77. I like to wear kimono, but also gothic styled dresses. And boots with high heels.
78. I know many languages and I am perfect with them. Also in sign language.
79. I have three lessers, Mirror keepers.
80. My heartless is called Lucifer and she is (very sadistic) female.
81. My cat version is called Whitelily.
82. In Pridelands I am white lioness. Yes, lioness.
83. In Atlantica my fish part is a dolphin.
84. I am not actually pure Japanese. I am part of Finnish too.
85. I am sterile. Born like that.
86. Sometimes I feel my existence was a joke of those great spirits. They didn't make me a man nor woman.
87. I am very sensitive and emotional. (Even if I am Nobody.)
88. I can draw and paint.
89. Sometimes (nowadays quite often) I sneak to sleep with Angel-san.
90. My favorite colors are green and purple. I hate red because it reminds me of blood.
91. I am morning person.
92. Even if I sometimes try to commit suicide, I fear death.
93. When I became a Nobody I haven't tried that as often than in my Somebody's life.
94. I want feel loved.
95. I love flowers.
96. I get seasick on ship.
97. I am suffering migraine fits.
98. I have a bad habit to get stressed easily.
99. I don't need to use make-up.
100. My stamina has become a little better in these years in the Organization.

101. I have been drunk once and I really can't handle alcohol.
102. Sometimes when I am mad, I go to Number Ten's room and she let me smash some glass figures.
103. I have made some great discoveries about Nobodies and heartless, but some of them I haven't told to everyone yet.
104. Sometimes I am purposely difficult for males. I just like to see them confused.
105. I am quite good actor.
106. I always glow faintly.
107. My blood type is AB.
108. I like Japanese poetry.
109. I can do archer. I am pretty good at it.
110. I can ride a horse.
111. I roleplays out of KH, my name is Riki Luciferus Minnónar.
112. In those rps I have been human, Eternal Guardian (high ranked guardian angel), chimaira, shapeshifter, Iceris...
113. I have onwed very precious white plushie cat, Lilith. It was made by my sister Minathra.
114. My singing voice is said to something between Nighwish (Tarja Turunen) and Evanescence. But still not either of them. After all I am my own person.
115. I am barren.
116. People say that I give up too easily.
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Would you love a monsterman? -Lordi
  • Reading: Staalo
  • Drinking: water

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